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What Is Forex ?

What is forex ? Well, it simply means foreign exchange market or currency market. It is the market where foreign currency is traded against one another to make profit and it is one of the largest financial markets in the world. Learn more about forex right here.

Forex was launched in 1970s and today it has become one of the biggest liquid financial market dealing in more than hundred times the daily trading. Forex market does not have a central location like other financial markets that operates at a centralized location. It operates electronically through banks, financial institutions and forex traders globally. Forex also operates 24 hours a day, corresponding to the opening and closing of the financial centers of the world.

Forex market do not a have fixed exchange rates as they keep fluctuating. Investments in foreign market deals with the currency pairs like Euro against Dollar, Dollar against Yen and others, and about forex transactions, it is always done with the help of a forex broker. Forex market attracts many traders because of its benefits.

A trader can easily join the market with a small trading capital on his account and can earn respectable amount of profits. This market also offers leverage which helps a new trader to fare relatively well in the market.

The above brief introduction to forex will give you an insight into forex and will help you to enter the world of forex trading confidently.

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